exactly what it sounds like. (or maybe) with a new twist! [ you'll have to wait and find out. ] with questions

that is "F Zero Photo as in 0, as in if there was an f stop under 1.0, and it was "wider open" on life.

Note, this website nor f zero photo have anything to do with the nintendo video game, nor are we intending to create a reference to any product we do not own the liscense or rights for representation to, or mark of- therein and thereof.  I am not nintendo, and no marks are used intentionally here that are any property other than my own.   The photographic camera, has "f stops" .  on its lens.   

exactly what it sounds like. you can store your photos here, when this is done. pay a small monthly fee, get storage, and no stupid locked up features like most sites, with buttons that make sense, and do what they're supposed to, without extra fan fare, or whizz bang. ---in production / development --- last updated [1603163072 ~ Day 293-2020] 10/19/2020